Questions and Answers (Updated 09/19/19)

1. How many eligible employees are in each plan?

MPPP there are 70 Employees
414(h) 11 Employees
457 – unable to determine at this point

2. Can you provide the dollar amount of contributions in the 414(h) plan?

3. Can you provide a copy of the recent plan document?

4. Can you provide the current fund line up for each of the plans with fund expenses?

5. Can you provide the number of participants with balances including terminated employees?

129 individual people.

6. You mention an RFP attestation form but nothing was attached with the document, can you please provide?

The attestation is your company, on company letterhead, attesting that the information in your RFP is true to the best of your knowledge. I do not have a template for that, feel free to write that however you see fit.







Due to Michigan’s Stay Home, Stay Safe order, CMHSAS-SJC is implementing a RESTRICTED SERVICE PLAN beginning Wednesday, March 25, 2020.  Please click HERE for our full plan.